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Brad Byers World Records and Awards

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Brad Byers currently has 73 world records related to sword swallowing, balancing a running lawn mower, yoyo tricks, bed of nails, extinguishing a propane blow torch with his tongue, and drilling an electric power drill into his head. He has a Lifetime Achievement Award, was named Extraordinary Performer of the Year, and inducted into the Super Human Hall of Fame.

Sword Swallower Brad Byers World Record Medals

Brad Byers is truly a talented and amazing sword swallower, juggler, and yoyo tricks expert. He is well recognized by the media, sideshow community, world record organizations, and his fans for a lifetime of dedication and excellence. Brad swallows real swords, multiple swords at once, various types of swords including curved swords, wavy bladed swords, and a British bayonet. He is one of the few sword swallowers in the world who can swallow a Model-T truck axle, 3-foot Middle Eastern long saw, giant corkscrew, and engine oil dip stick.

Sword Swallower Brad Byers World Records and Awards.

Here are just a few examples of Brad Byers’ world records:

Yoyo Tricks Sharpshooter – Smallest Object Knocked Off the Ear With a Yoyo

Swallowing a Giant Corkscrew

Fastest time stopping 8 box fans with the tongue

Longest Duration Balancing A Running Lawn Mower on the Chin

Most Rat Traps Released on the Tongue in 60 Seconds

Fastest Time Escaping from a StraitJacket While Hula Hooping

Most Yoyo Double Handed Loops while Hula Hooping

Fastest Time Stepping Through a Hoop While Unicycling

Most Consecutive Yoyo Loop-the-Loops while hula hooping

      ……and many more!!!

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